Yeast Infection In Babies – How to treat yeast infections

Yeast Infection

Yeast infection in babies can occur really fast, we need to be able to spot it right away and start treating it as soon as possible.

Yeast Infection

What is Yeast Infection?

A yeast infection is a type of fungus disease that can occur in babies private parts, mouth, skin and in skin around private baby area. The favorite spots of yeast infection to grow in is warm and dark, which usually is baby girl parts and babies armpits.

How to spot yeast infection?

Yeast infection is easy to spot in babies diaper area, you should look for these signs

  • Source, pimples, blisters that contain puss
  • A diaper rash lasting for longer than 2 days of treatment
  • Red rashes with a raised border
  • Red bumps and pimples outside the border

What are the symptoms of yeast infection?

  • Itchiness of baby private parts
  • Hurting while peeing
  • Girl parts will be swelling
  • Thick, white coating on babies tongue
  • Rashes and white spots on baby boy parts
  • Discharge that might contain and odor to it

What Causes Yeast Infection

An infant can get yeast infection during on of the factors listed below. Being able to minimize the cause can help prevent yeast infection from occurring.

  1. Diarrhea or frequently pooping
  2. Not treated diaper rash
  3. Had a thrush
  4. Not being dried completely
  5. Wearing dirty and wet diapers for long
  6. Wearing wrong size diapers which are to small
  7. Antibiotics which you or your baby take

Yeast Infection Signs and Symptoms

How To Treat Yeast Infection

An yeast infection is worse than a diaper rash and need a bit more care.

Is their home remedies for babies yeast infection?

Yes, there are some home remedies you can try, if your babies yeast infection doesn’t need doctors attention.

  • No Wipe – ignore wipes as much as you can
  • No Dirty or Wet Diapers – change diapers as soon as it gets wet or poppy
  • Zinc Oxide – get over the counter cream that contains zinc oxide and use it every diaper change
  • No Diapers – give your baby diaper free time as much as you can
  • Keep Clean – wash your hands every diaper change
  • Keep Dry – put the diaper on only after your baby is dry completely

What can I buy over the counter?

You need to buy an Anti-Fungal cream such as Nystasin, Clotrimazole, and Miconazole would be your best over the counter choices.

When To Contact The Doctor

There’s times when home remedies, just won’t cut it and you need to get medical help.

Get to the doctor as soon as you can.

  • The rash doesn’t get better with in couple days of using over the counter
  • The rash is spreading all over the babies body
  • Your little on is under 6 weeks

Get help with in 24hr

  • Your baby develops fever and it looks infected
  • Babies skin is peeling of in chunks
  • Yellow scabs and blisters are forming
  • Your baby looks weak and doesn’t act normal

Never let anyone decide when your baby is going to see a doctor, if you feel like your baby needs medical help GO! It’s your baby and your responsible.

Severe Yeast Infection

How Long Does Baby Yeast Infection Last

A baby yeast infection could take two weeks to heal or several weeks, depending on the yeast infection severity.

Can yeast infection go away on its own?

It is rarely heard that a mild yeast infection healed on it’s own.

Yeast is a living microorganism and if it’s not treated in time, it will keep growing and make everything 100 times worse.

End Yeast Infections

Treat your babies yeast infections as soon as possible, to make everything easier on yourself and more than ever on your baby.

Yeast infections causes baby discomfort and pain, don’t leave your baby with those feelings on their own.

What do you think about yeast infections? Do you know any other tricks to help babies with yeast infections?

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  1. Thanks for the informative post, dealing with our first girl this is something I wanted to make sure we were staying ahead of. I can see how many parents would mistake this for a diaper rash in the early stages.
    Staying informed always seems to be the best way to be prepared.

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