What Is The Best Baby Carrier – How to wear a baby carrier

Buckle baby carrier

Hello, today I want to talk about baby carriers this is the most interesting topic to every parent. Baby carriers vary from sizes and brands, every mom has her own favorite brand. What’s your favorite baby carrier?

How To Pick A Baby Carrier

In the world today baby carriers is the number one go for all the moms, but how many are there? Well there is definitely more than you can ever imagine. Let’s talk about the most common baby carriers.

Buying a baby carrier doesn’t need to be a costly expense there are great baby carries with in affordable price. Let’s talk about what you can get for your money.

Can’t choose

Are you having a hard time picking a baby carrier? Ask your self these questions and you will know which baby carrier you need.

  • Do you want your baby to be able to sit in different poses?
  • Do you need a baby carrier just for a New Born?
  • Do you need a baby Carrier from New Born to Toddler?
  • What matters brand or cost?
  • Does it need to be practical?
  • Are you breastfeeding?
  • Are you buying it for a toddler?

What types of baby carriers exists

  • Wrap
  • Ring Sling
  • Pouch
  • Buckle Carrier
  • Meh Dai
  • Backpack

Top baby carriers

  • ERGO Baby
  • Ergobaby 360
  • Tula Free to Grow Baby Carrier
  • Moby

The cheapest baby carriers

  • Infantino Flip
  • Ready To Wear
  • Evenflo Breathable
  • Ergonomic

The Age Appropriate Baby Carrier Type

You can wear a baby carrier from your babies’ first days, just make sure you are wearing your baby facing you for the first 4 months of your babies’ life. When picking a baby Carrier for a new born make sure the babies’ whole body is supported head, neck, hip, and bottom support.

Most baby carriers provide the support your baby needs. Before you put your baby in the baby carrier. Let’s talk about which one is appropriate for your babies’ age.

New Born

Baby wrap and Sling would be the most appropriate baby carriers, while your baby is still small you want to support your babies’ whole body, These two types of baby carriers will help your baby take of the pressure from it’s fragile spine.


4 moths to 12 months

During this age babies’ are sitting up with your support, they become more interested in the outside world. As your baby turns 5 months, the babies’ eyesight is improving, they want to see the world.

You might want to start putting your baby facing frontwards. This position will help your baby learn the world around, not only by sound.

12 months and up

Your baby turns 12 months you might want to consider wearing your baby on your back. This position will help you relief the tension in your back and safer for your little one.

How To Wear A Baby Carrier

Let’s talk about the five baby carriers, and how to wear them properly so your baby is always secure.


Baby wrap

First lets practice putting on the Moby wrap.

Fold the Moby in hath length wise, and put it across your stomach making sure that the logo is facing your belly. Than make an ex on your back the strings, and bring the ends over your shoulders. Try keeping the ends as straight as possible on your shoulders, for your comfort.

As soon as the ends are over your shoulders place them underneath the belt. You created on your belly, under the logo sign. Adjust them snug around your belly, and make another x, wrap the ends around your body and tie them in the front under your baby.

Now we are ready to put the baby inside, there is two ways that you can place your baby in the Moby Wrap.

The cradle wrap

Have your baby on the opposite shoulder of the first wrap. Open the wrap and put your baby in a sitting position in the pocket that the folds have created, support your baby. While you are spreading  the folds wide to cover your babies’ bottom, back, and shoulders.

While still holding your baby, open the opposite side of the wrap and put your babies’ legs and bottom inside, after find the bottom fold with the logo and pull it up and over your baby creating a seat belt for a secure hold.

The hug hold

Have your baby on the opposite shoulder of the first wrap. Open the first wrap and place your baby in an upright position, support your baby while you are opening the seems on the first wrap and pull it over your babies’ back and shoulders.

Open the second wrap of fabric and make sure you are placing your babies’ bottom, back and shoulders into the wrap.

Than reach for the seat belt and cover your babies’ full body.

The Ring Sling

The ring wrap

Put your rings on the opposite side of the shoulder you will be carrying your baby. Put the rings from the back on to your shoulder. Grab the tail from the other side of your body, and bring it to the front ( keep the tail as flat as possible ).

When, your tail is in the front gather it all together and pull it true (under both rings). Once, your fabric is true the rings, pass it true the second rings inwards. Making sure your top edge is always facing your mid line.

Place both of your thumbs inside the fabric, between your rings and fan it out, working true all the colors of your swing. In the end pull your tail downwards for a snuggle fit.


Fold your pouch sling in hath, put it over your shoulder keep the side with seem on your non dominate hand. You should have created a pocket on the seem, that’s where the babies’ bottom is going to go.

Pick your baby up on your shoulder, put the babies’ legs inside the pouch. Making sure that the babies’ bottom is inside the pocket you created.

Pull it down to make sure the pouch is all the way to babies’ knees, make sure you pull the back as well to provide your babies’ back the support it needs. Pull the inside fabric from between the legs up, to make sure your baby is secure.


Buckle carrier

Buckle carrier

Place your loos and unbuckled waist belt on your hip and buckle it up. Adjust the hip belt for a good fit. Have your baby carrier turned to the front, and grab your baby.

Have your baby on the shoulder and spread the babies’ legs around your body, your baby should be placed in the middle of the baby carrier. Pull the baby carrier up on the babies’ back. Place one shoulder strap at a time, supporting your baby at all time. At last buckle the belt behind your shoulders.

Meh Dai

Grab the waist straps and place them on your apron spot, with the decorative side towards you. You want to tie it nice and high almost at your chest level.

Pick you baby up and place on your shoulder, when you are placing your baby to the carrier you want to scrunch the carrier for the best fit of your babies’ legs.

Once the carrier is between your babies’ legs you want to put the long ends on your shoulders, keep supporting your baby. ( You want the back of the carrier not to be higher or lower than your babies’ ears.)

Reach your back with one had and grab the opposite end, star pulling it down and across. Do the same thing for the other sides. Every time you pull down pick your baby up.

You want to tie it right on your babies’ bottom. Tie a double not, to provide extra support.


Adjust the backpack carrier to your fit, make sure the hip strap is on your hip bones and not your waist. Shoulder straps are on your shoulders. When tightening the hip belts, most of the carrier weight should be on your hips.

Tighten the shoulder to create a good snuggle fit around your body. Tighten the load – lifter straps, they should be in about a 45 degree angel ( if you see a gap between your shoulder straps, loosen the load lifters and try again.

Adjust the sternum straps on your chest, make sure they are not in your way of breathing.

travel carrier

Safety Check

Always look, listen and feel. Look to make sure that there is at least one finger between your babies’ neck and chin, also watch to make sure that the fabric is not touching babies’ face.

Listen for a normal breathing, if babies’ breathing sounds loud, raspy, or irregular you need to re position the baby.

Feel babies’ skin it should’t be sweaty or cold.

My Choices Of Baby Carriers

My personal choice of baby carriers depends on Angels age, for his newborn stage I preferred the wrap style of baby carriers. Now his older and I bought him the buckle carrier.

The reason why I prefer the wrap for a newborn, because it is a lot easier to breast feed your baby even on the go. Another reason is your helping your baby to hold it’s own temperature.

Why You Need A Baby Carrier

There are many reasons why you need a baby carrier. You need to get a lot done in the house, but your baby doesn’t want to play on the floor.

Your about to go for a travel and having your baby or toddler on hands will make traveling a nightmare.

Your baby wants to snack on some milk, but your hands are busy. Each parent has his own reasons to get a baby carrier, what’s your reason?

Baby carriers

Angels Baby Carrier Flight

My own reason to buy a baby carrier was a flight that I had to go when Angel was still under 6 months. At that age I bought him the wrap carrier.

It made my life so much easier in the airport, my hands were all free and I was able to get everything done. I was able to breast feed him, and let him sleep in the baby carrier without needing to take him out.

The buckle carriers for his older age, we are about to have a long haul flight, and I know that a baby carrier is definitely a must when traveling with a baby.

Make Your Life Easier

Baby carriers are there to make our life easier. Adjust a baby carrier for your babies’ size and age. Once, you have one, you will never regret getting one.


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