Parent Choices

Parents Choice

We as parents make a lot of choices for our kids. What they eat, when they sleep, who they play with it, and with what they play with.

Do you, know why we make does choices?

We make the choices because we care about them, we want our little ones to grow healthy and smart. We want them to have the bright future ahead of them. The future that some of us didn’t have, we want to give it to them.

As you know I am a mom myself, and I make a lot of choices every day. Sometimes I think twice before saying or doing something, to make sure it has a good reflection on his development and behavior. When they are little that’s when it all starts, they learn from our actions.

The Right Choice

We all had times when family and strangers would try to teach us how to care for our kids. But a lot of those people that try to help you, don’t understand that all kids are different and every kid has his own little path way into it’s heart.

We as parents need to find that little pathway, and use it on daily bases. From my behave all try to help you understand their needs and problems more, and how to help them.

The Difference

I will give you, an example of how different kids could be even from one family blood line. Me and my sister have both boys and their both under 12 months. Her kid (Michael) won’t wake up easy, he needs at least 30 minutes after waking up to be able to play and be active, during those 30 minutes she has to carry him and cuddle him.

On the other hand my baby boy (Angel) can play right after waking up.  Another example could be Michael Started standing up at 9 months on the other hand Angel started standing at 8 months.

All I was trying to tell by that, is all kids are different in every way possible some are faster, some are more loving, there could be a lot of differences. We as parents need to know their weakness and strengths to be able to help and understand them.

Quality Time

Everybody knows that quality time with kids is not always possible. For some parents they work the whole day and come back home at night when their kids are in bed already. Usually it’s the father out working and the mom with kids at home, but even than mom can’t be fully with their kids.

You know why? Because their not only are stay at home moms, but they also make the home a healthy environment they have to clean and prepare food. They also have their own hobby’s.

What if you, could switch places with your loved one for a week, would you be happy?

Why don’t you parents try to find one day. When you can have a family day together. Try getting everything done beforehand, so both parents could relax and play with the kids. Have some quality time together, and try doing that for once a week for a month. How do you think would your family get stronger and more connected?

Parents Choice

Your Choice

In the end of the day we make the choices together to create a perfect environment for their development. Our choices reflect who we are and who our kids will become. It’s all in our hands we are like sculptures creating a perfect vase. Be the best sculpture for your child, and they will pay you, back with love and affection.

I will try my best to make your life as a parent easier, so you could think less about the problems and spend more time with your little one.

Please leave a comment about the choices you made for your baby recently.

10 Replies to “Parent Choices”

  1. Great post. Truly enjoyed reading it.

    I liked what you said about well meaning people trying to teach us how to care for our kids. “All kids are different.”

    Good Job

  2. Great piece of content! I don’t have kids of my own yet but I like to read about other people’s experiences when it comes to parenting. Our choices reflect on our kids and this post has got me thinking about the near future when I’m going to be in your position. Thanks a lot for sharing and keep up the good work.

  3. Hi Nataliya,

    Great post. We are faced with making choices all day long throughout our lives. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and experience in making parent decisions. We are indeed living in a complicated world and small but correct decisions can make a huge difference.


  4. I don’t have kid of my own but I fan of all parents. It is such a huge responsibility and commitment. Interesting when you say you think twice before make any choice or say anything to your kid. That’s beautiful and it is the way it should be. You are helping to develop their character and will have an impact in their lives. What I know it all parents are doing their very best for their kids and love is the most important lesson. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Hey Nataliya,

    Very informed post and a great read. I will take away some points and apply it to my future parenting, fingers crossed!
    Yes, most definitely not only our choices but our mindsets have great impact on our kids futures.
    Thank you for writing this and sharing it with us. Keep up the great work.

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