Brushing Baby’s First Teeth – When to start brushing infants teeth

Baby teeth

We don’t always associate infants teeth brushing as a need. We assume that once they grow up at age 2, when all of their teeth are out. That’s when we should begin brushing, but that’s not correct.

A lot of parents actually believe that’s its bad to brush infants teeth, that fluoride is bad for infants and toddlers health. I want to tell you why even brushing the temporary teeth is important.

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Baby’s First Solid Foods – When and What to start feeding your baby

Babies first spoon

Giving your baby, the very first spoon of baby food is exciting. It is a big leap in your babies life and development. All babies act differently when they try baby food for the very first time. Some make really funny faces, while others can’t stop asking for more.

Everyone probably have heard stories from our parents, how we tried our first spoons of food.

How was your first time trying baby food?

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Baby First Bath – When And How

Babies bath time

Babies first bath usually scares every parent, because the baby is so fragile and small. Moms I will tell you by a secret man are more scared than us.  I know a lot of families where man were even scared to hold their baby for the very first time.

Thinking about bath time was something outer space for them, but don’t worry about that with my tips and tricks you will be more than ready to give your very own first bath.

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Baby Ready To Wean Signs – When and How to stop breastfeeding

Baby Weaning

Hello to all the mom’s out there, before we get into the topic of weaning. I want to say Happy Mothers Day. Wish you and your baby to stay always healthy.

A lot of moms are struggling with ending the breastfeeding, I will talk about the five signs that will let you know when your baby is ready to end with breast milk, these signs are proven by a lot of moms.

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Baby Swaddling – Why swaddle?

Burrito Swaddle

When your baby is born it is swaddled right away not only to keep it warm, but also so your little one doesn’t get scared of all the space available around. Infant are used to being in moms belly, where it is all tight and cozy.

Especially the premature babies, they will calm down easier when you place your hand steady on them. Rather than when you will try doing slow circles on their hands or heads. For infants, it is all about the firm contact. It makes them feel safe.

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Parent Choices

Parents Choice

We as parents make a lot of choices for our kids. What they eat, when they sleep, who they play with it, and with what they play with.

Do you, know why we make does choices?

We make the choices because we care about them, we want our little ones to grow healthy and smart. We want them to have the bright future ahead of them. The future that some of us didn’t have, we want to give it to them.

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