How To Help A Baby Walk – Everything you need know

Baby standing and holding

Every day your baby is concurring new skills, you will notice that your baby is moving a lot more and getting stronger to show off his new skills. Soon your little one will be walking on his own two feet. Can you believe it, in just couple months your baby has made a lot of progress and trust me your help and support played a big role in it.

Your number one question right now is how to help my baby walk? Keep reading and you will know exactly how to help a baby walk.

When Do Babies Start Walking

All babies develop at a different speed and walking is a big step don’t hurry your baby up. Once your baby is ready he/she will start walking, the first steps average between 9 to 15 months.

What are the signs my baby is about to walk?

There are couple signs that your baby will show you that he/she is going to make his/her own first steps soon.

  • Pulling himself/herself up and walking while holding to furniture.
  • Tries to make a transaction between closely put together furniture.
  • Walking and pushing boxes or furniture around
  • Trying to let go of his supporting surface.

What counts as a first step?

The very first step that your baby let’s go of its support and makes a step, even one and than falls. That was your babies first step.

How long does it usually take for a baby to fully walk?

By my own personal experience it takes a baby about a month or two after first steps to start walking on their own for longer periods of time and be feeling confident on foot.

When should I start worrying?

You should be worried if your baby is not walking by 18 months, and not showing any signs of standing, pulling up, and bouncing by 14 months.

Learning To Walk

Helping your baby to walk

Walking is a big mile stone for an infant, and having supportive parents is one thing they need. There are some ways you can help and encourage your baby to start walking.

Ways to help and encourage

  • Walk with your baby, while your supporting and their holding both of your hands.
  • Let your baby explore on their own.
  • Let your baby push furniture around like chairs and boxes, and pushing toys
  • Be proud of their every new step and if it’s their first time doing something you can even applaud boost their confidence.
  • Encourage them to take new steps, if you think your baby can do it try calling them to you once their standing.

Do walkers help the baby walk?

It is not proven that baby walkers will help your baby start walking faster, but they will help your baby develop stronger muscles.

Baby walking

What A Walking Baby Needs

Your baby could be walking already or just staring to show signs there are something you need to make sure is ready for them.


Always make sure that you checked for sharp objects in the room, your house should be baby proofed for a walking baby. Don’t leave your baby unsupervised, at this age they are more luckily to get into more trouble.


Your support is very important in your babies development, your praise will make your baby want to keep doing what his/she is doing and even try harder.


Have toys available for your baby that are age appropriate, and encourage your baby to keep moving. The more your baby moves and stays active the stronger muscles he/she will have.


We can’t forget snacks and water should always be available to your baby. They move around a lot and dehydration is definitely something that we don’t want.


Try getting your baby to interact with other kids, watching other kids play and walk will encourage your little one to re peat and do the same thing.

Angels Walking Storybaby in a stroller

As a parent I know how intimidating and exciting it is, when your baby makes the first steps. With every day Angel grows and shows me how strong and loving his going to be, I know that with my support he can go really far and be a great person.

When Angel was 8 months he learned to pull him self up, he was in our room and I went out to grab him a toy when I was back he was already standing and holding on to the bed, with in two or three weeks he was making a lot of progress on walking while holding.

Even once after just learning to stand up he tried letting go of the bed and running to me, of course it was a failure but he never gave up.

At 9 in a half months he made his first two steps and fell, he was in living room holding onto a couch when he turned around and I called him expecting him to crawl. Instead, he crossed that short distance with his first two unsteady steps.

Right now he is 10 months and can almost cross half a room without falling down once.

They Keep Growing

While your baby is growing and developing there is one thing that they never stop doing no matter what happens. Our little babies never stop trying, they never give up.

When did your baby start walking? or maybe he is showing signs? Leave your answers and any questions that you might have in the comments. I will be more than happy to answer them.

8 Replies to “How To Help A Baby Walk – Everything you need know”

  1. Very nice article, of which I can relate to, as my grandson just started walking last week. I think once a baby starts with their first step there is no holding back, and you do have to have eyes in the back of your head as they are into everything.

    Layout of your article is very easy to read and pleasing to the eye.

    Look forward to reading more.

  2. When one of my mates baby Lucy was born a few years ago, I remember him saying to me once that after a few months she started to walk a bit, but seemed reluctant to do it as much as she could because she wanted to be picked up more. Do you think this is something kids of a few months old have an instinct to do?

    1. Hello Simon,
      It is more than normal for a baby to act that way. Sometimes they feel as if they won’t get as much love and attention if they start developing fast. That’s why it is really important to show encouragement and be proud of every new achievement that a baby makes.

  3. How to help a baby walk really made me think how much work those little boys and girls go through just to become a toddler. We really should not take something as simple as walking for granted, I see this as a miracle people are able to walk on their own two feet


    1. Hello Jeff,
      We as people take a lot for granted, and only once we see how hard it is for someone to achieve we realize it. They put a lot of effort in keeping their balance and holding all of their weight on their tiny little feet.

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