How To Change A Diaper – Step By Step

Baby diaper

Hello, to all the parents out there. Before we all had our first little bundles of joy. We all probably thought that changing a diaper is a freaky thing, because of the smell and the ability to get everything everywhere. Trust me with in couple weeks you will be a boss with diaper changing.

How Frequently To Change A Diaper

For the first couple months of your babies life, your baby will be peeing around 20 times a day. You would notice that in the hospital a baby has a diaper changed every feeding, that’s approximately between 2 and 3 hours.

Diaper changing is different from one baby to another. Your new born will have bowel movement almost every diaper, after a week most babies have a bowel movement 5 times a day.

As your baby grows and start consuming solids foods it is okay for your baby to have a bowel movement once a day or once in couple days. As long as you see that your baby is not constipating while having a bowel movement you have nothing to worry about.

Changing A Diaper Step By Step

There is couple of diaper styles, the disposable ones the one we see in all the stores. There is also the re usable ones cloth diapers, a lot of moms that are planing more than one baby are buying them.

First steps for both diapers

Get everything you will need next to you

  • Clean Diaper
  • Wipes
  • Safe Place ( bed, changing table)
  • Changing pad ( accidents can happen)
  • Baby Powder/ Ointment (optional or as needed)

Disposable diaper change

  1. Lay your baby down on the bed / changing table
  2. If you’re using a changing table, secure your baby with the belts
  3. Take of the socks and make sure that all the clothes is out of the way
  4. Unfold a clean diaper and set it nearby
  5. Un tape your babies diaper, but keep it underneath the baby
  6. Get a clean wet wipe and wipe from up to down motion, to prevent any bacteria spreading. Make sure you get all folds wiped.
  7. Once your done wiping, remove your babies diaper by gently lifting your babies legs by the ankles and roll it like a burrito, use the tape ends to secure all the mess inside the diaper.
  8. Put a clean diaper underneath your baby, by lifting gently by the ankles make sure the tap pads are on the back
  9. Use any ointment or baby powder if needed
  10. Secure your babies diaper on the tummy using the tape pads

Your all done, good job, if you want to watch a diaper change video you can watch that here.

If your new born diapers don’t have a special cut for the umbilical cord. Fold the front of the diaper inward, so you won’t be bothering the umbilical cord while it’s healing.

Cloth diapers

Re Usable diaper change


It is changed the same way as the disposable diapers, but the folding methods are different.

There are a lot of different methods to fold the re usable diapers, these are the most common three. If you want to learn more about these diapers and the ways, visit these two websites: everything about cloth diapers, different ways of folding.

  • Angel wing fold – Laying your baby down on a cloth, fold it between the babies legs for a good fit, usually both sides are folded in thirds and than secured with Snappi.
  • Jelly roll fold – Laying your baby flat on the back roll the side inwards, once the rolled in a comfortable size for your baby, pick it up and use the flat end that your baby is lying on to help secure with the snappi.
  • Pad Fold – Fold the diaper the right end over into the center, than repeat with the other side place the diaper inside a pocket diaper to use.

Cloth diaper

What Brand To Buy

There is a lot of brands in diapers, it all depends on your budget and your baby. Some babies can have allergies on curtain types of diaper brands. I will use the money cost as New Born Size Value pack.

Budget Diapers

I would say the cheapest diapers that you can find in most stores are Parents Choice diapers and Luvs diapers.

Expensive Diapers

If we are talking quality over quantity than you should go for Pampers or Huggies.

If you want to find the perfect diapers for your little one visit this website Choose your diaper. Here you can find the best fit for your little one.

What Can Go Wrong

There is couple things that can go wrong with diapers, some are easily fixable and others are bigger problem.

  • Always put your baby boys weeny down – if you will have it to the side or up, you will have to change them all the time, it will leak
  • Change diapers frequently – diaper rashes are easy to get, but hard to deal with
  • Always wipe your baby up to down – for girls it’s easy to catch an infection which is going to be not easy on you to deal with
  • Always let your baby get some air down there – air circulation can help from diaper rashes, especially during summer
  • When it’s hot change more frequently – hot weather will make the boys sweat a lot, and everything will itch for them, turning everything into a rash
  • Always watch your babies diaper aria for any signs of allergy
  • Make sure your baby has 5 or more wet diapers – if your baby has less than 5 wet diapers in 24, your baby is dehydrated and needs medical help.

Cloth diapers on infants

Angels Diaper Problem

When Angel was born everything was going great, no problems with diaper allergies so I decided to save some money and use Parents Choice diapers, he didn’t start any allergies right away and I was happy that I could save some money.

With in two weeks I started to notice some red pimples on his stomach and back were the diaper ends. I first thought that he was just sweating, but it only got worse. I ended up changing the diapers to Pampers but the rash still didn’t go away.

After going to his pediatric I got told to switch the diapers again, and now we are wearing Huggies and no allergies.

Stay Healthy

Parents always look at what’s best for your baby, pay attention to the babies needs. If nothing is bothering your baby, it will not be fussy. Our little babies rely on us fully. Choosing the brand is your choice, look at your budget and go from there. Happy diapering!

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