How To Baby Proof A House – Will It Help?

Baby on a bed

Your baby is about to start crawling, and you don’t know where to start from? All of us parents had that mini heart attack when our little ones learned to flip on their belly, and almost fell of the bed/couch. Let’s stop that mini heart attack and save our nerves for later parenting. We can’t baby proof them from falls and scratches, when they learn to crawl or walk.

Why Baby Proof

You need to baby proof your house for the health of your loved ones. Everyone has that bottom drawer stocked with all types of chemicals, you imagined it didn’t you. We all have TVs at home, is your mounted to the wall? Baby can easily flip the TV on themselves, when they are trying to stand up.

Do you have stairs in your home? On Average a child is treated every 6 minutes in hospital from stair injuries, even us adults trip and slip on the stairs.

Think of baby proofing you home as a must not a need, of course you can go without it, but will you be their on time?

I understand that all of us can be on a budget and buying all the baby proof equipment could be expensive all at once, you can buy it gradually so it doesn’t hit your wallet all at once.

What Do You Need

Once you start getting your house ready for a baby, the first thing is what do we actually need.

  • Door knob covers – for every door in the house ( once they start walking they can get into anything)
  • Wide grip latches – for all your kitchen and bathroom cabinets
  • Press and pull plug protectors – all the reachable sockets
  • Corner protectors – we all have sharp edged table
  • Banister guard – if you have stairs
  • Baby gate – if you have stairs ( up and down)
  • Furniture straps – for easily dropping items
  • Glass door locker – best if you have a pool

It’s not a big list, but definitely a list that will save your babies life.

baby gates on stairs

Can you go without all the baby proof?

Yes you can, but you need to be watching your baby all the time, I go with ” better do it now, than be sorry later”.

All I want to say, if you can’t buy it now, or don’t feel like you need it. Keep an eye on your baby at all times or just buy a playpen and get your baby her/his own corner.

When To Start Baby Proofing

You should start baby proofing as soon as your baby is born or to make it easier on your self do it slowly and start while your pregnant. Don’t wait until your baby can crawl or flip on their tummy back and forth.

At this stage they can already get themselves into life risky situation. Infants and toddlers don’t feel fear, because while they are little they don’t understand the consequence of falling of a bed or stairs.

During this stage wanting to explore and learn new things, puts fear far away deep into their minds. I’m not talking of fear as getting scared, I am talking about the fear of doing something and than dealing with it’s consequence.

A lot of parents miss think that their two year old toddler is already a big kid and doesn’t need to be watched after. It’s actually the opposite it’s easier to watch an infant than a toddler. Toddler is much more mobile and stable on their feet, they can wander off a lot more often than your infant.

Baby in a pool

For How Long Will It Help

You baby proofed your house, but don’t know when will they be able to get everything opened?

Don’t worry most kids can’t open the drawers and door that are baby proof until they reach their third birthday. When your baby turns three he/she will be a lot smarter and stronger, but lucky for you at this age most parents are able to communicate with their toddler without any problems.

Always talk to your child, and explain why they can’t touch or eat certain things. Even your 8 month old infant will understand you, when you say no. They will be stubborn, but you need to be even more persistent and you will see soon that they will listen to your more.

Just don’t give up, because once they understand how to use you, they won’t stop.

How I Started Baby Proofing

My baby proofing experience is not only from my own kid, I watched a lot of my siblings kids and their baby proofing.

I watched how they baby proofed their houses and how much it helped the mom get a lot done around house. The time that you spend catching your kids on the stairs or getting them out of a room definitely is time consuming.

I baby proofed my whole house, all the door knobs, all the drawers pull-outs as well. All the sockets, I am super afraid of my baby being hit by electricity.

One of my older brother was almost hit by electricity, when he was born around 40 years ago baby proofing wasn’t that common among Russian house holds, and my older brother decided to check the electricity. Lucky for him my mom walked in on him in time, and at that moment he was around 14 years of age.

Kids are always kids we need to watch them at all times, especially during their infant and toddler years. That’s when they are in their most fragile stage.

Keep Them Safe

On my personal be have, I recommend baby proofing, you don’t only get a safe feeling inside your brain and heart. But your also providing your little one with a safe childhood. Keep that in mind when your child proofing. Your babies safety is everything, one wrong move and they can end up with a broken bone or even worse. Have you baby proofed the house?

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