Five Myths About Baby Sleep – Are they real?

Baby Sleeping

Hey, mommies I know you heard a lot about infant and toddler sleep tips. Our moms and grandmas tell us and we listen and try to follow. What they did with us, but did you know there is a lot myths about infant and toddler sleep in general. I will tell you why the most common five sleeping tips are myths.

The Five Most Common Myths

  1. The more they get tiered, the better they sleep
  2. They will grow out of it
  3. The later they fall asleep, the later they wake up
  4. If they want to sleep, they will fall asleep
  5. Don’t let them sleep during the day, so they sleep during the night

The moms with experience know, that this is a myth in at least 75% kids.

Why They Are Myths

If your baby fall asleep when it’s over tiered, then your a lucky mom. Most moms are not so lucky and if a baby or a toddler is over tiered. They will take hours to fall asleep, and once they wake up they will feel tiered still. Its just like with us adults when we over work and than go to sleep in the morning all the muscles hurt even more.

The words “They WILL Grow Out Of It” is a myth because if a baby has a habit of falling asleep with a sucking tum or hugging his favorite toy. That will be with them for a really long time or there whole life. My own nephew and nieces have such a habit from there baby years.

My younger niece is 3 years old and she still sucks on her thumb, no matter what the parents do, her teeth are forming wrong and she hurts her own fingers from constant sucking.

Also, my 7 year old niece still sleeps while hugging her bed time toys and will throw a fit if her toy are not there.

Toddler sleep problems

Babes don’t wake up later just because they went to sleep late, they will wake up at the same time. They will just be more tiered and cranky than usual.

It also depends on the genes that the inherited some kids can sleep in and other can’t. My two nieces have a 4 year difference. The older one could sleep in until 9 am, but the younger one is up and rising at 7 am sharp. Even tho they fall asleep at the same time.

Even when an infant or a toddler knows they want to sleep, they will be cranky, but they won’t fall asleep on their own.

Infants get to excited about the new world that they are exploring that by there nap or night sleep time. Their brains are thinking everything true and falling asleep is super hard for them.

Think about it as us adults after a long day of adventures and friends nights out. We think everything true what we heard and said and every minute just pulls and pulls and we can’t fall asleep. Same goes and for kids they get over excited and need out help to soothe them: read them a story or sing a lullaby to help their brain relax.

The last myth that I want to mention is don’t let them sleep during the day, they will fall asleep faster at night. Actually it’s the opposite an over tiered baby will fall asleep twice as long as if he would’ve had a nap time during the day. Why you would ask? Because it’s harder to relax and calm down when they are over tiered and cranky.

Babies are small and rely on us to help them fall asleep, They don’t know how to comfort themselves yet, and need our comfort.

Tips To Help Your Baby Sleep

The most common way to help a baby fall asleep is rocking them while singing a lullaby. Also babies tend to fall asleep in car rides. The reason for both of these methods to work is the decreasing amount of cortisol hormones. Other ways to decrease cortisol hormones in a baby are:

  • Swaddling them (Infants only) – this will help you calm them down and make them feel cozy. You can read more about Swaddling here.
  • Turning on Quiet and calming music
  • Having a routine that you do every day before bedtime
  • Turning of the lights or dimming them about 30 minutes to an hour before bed time.
  • Try not to make your baby to excited before going to sleep
  • Make a schedule and stick to it

Angel sleeping

Angels Sleeping Routine

An hour before bed time (9pm) we go to our room dim the light so Angel can calmly play with his toys. I leave to our room because we live with my sister and her kids tend to stay awake longer.

We change to a fresh diaper and new clothes every night. I always pick something that will keep him warm even if he takes of his blanket during the night. At around (9:30pm) he eats some breasts milk and gets ready for the night (eating before sleep helps him in calming down).

I turn on his owl ( lullaby singing one) try rocking him first in my hands if that doesn’t work, I rock him to sleep in his stroller. I always carry him back to his crib for a safe and sound sleep. Usually Angel passes out at (10pm) every night, sometimes stays up more, if he is teething.

Sleep Baby

How and When our babies sleep, is all up to us parents. You know your small one better than anyone and what works best on your little bundle of joy.

If you have any other myths, or want to share your babies night time routine comment down below.

12 Replies to “Five Myths About Baby Sleep – Are they real?”

  1. Thanks a lot for sharing this article, it was really helpful and I learned a lot about sleep in babies. Your routine and example were really helpful and I’ll keep your site in mind for the future reference.

  2. My niece has always had the hardest time sleeping so I can’t wait to share this article. I’m sure her momma will be more than ready to try out some of your tried and true methods.

  3. This is so interested.
    I actually never though that you must not let them sleep during the day so they can sleep at night.
    So now I will have a different belief to this because it makes sense since kids sleep according to their time schedule.
    Thanx for the tips.

    1. Thabo, yes even if it sounds good “keeping them up”and hoping for them to fall fast asleep. I gave this method a try myself to make sure it’s fals, and I wan’t to tell you my little one stayed up for 3pm till 2am. It was the worst day of my life, nothing worked to put him down. This method might work for older kids, but not for infants or toddlers.

  4. I have always been told at least two of these myths, the ones that if babies don’t have their afternoon nap they will fall asleep faster at night; and the later they go to bed, the later they will wake up in the morning.
    Your explanations why this doesn’t work makes a lot of sense. Even as adults we have sometimes experienced the difficulty of falling alseep even when we are over exhausted.
    Great article and explanations!

  5. Thank you for sharing this. I think that although these are probably not true for most babies they might be true for some. Each baby is so incredibly different.

    While some will sleep through the night, others will not. They all have their own personality that shape who they become.

  6. Hi Nataliya,
    Thanks so much for explaining these myths for us. I knew a few of them were, but some I didn’t.
    Are these mainly for babies? My daughter has stopped afternoon naps of her two toddlers, and they do indeed go to bed easier after supper. But they aren’t babies anymore, lol.
    I’m sure this article will help a lot of new moms. Enjoy your precious baby! They grow up so fast!

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