Co Sleeping With Your Infant – What are the benefits?

Co Sleeping

I know that Pediatrics recommend not to co sleep with an infant, and they give a lot of reasonable facts why not to do so. I understand their concerns about  co sleeping, but me personally I started co sleeping with my baby when he turned 2 months.

Opinions On CO Sleeping

Of course co sleeping is controversial, everyone has their own beliefs and thoughts about co sleeping. Some Pediatrics recommend co sleeping, because it decreases the risk of baby developing SIDS.

Some believe that it’s not just about the co sleeping, it’s about the sleep that both parents get during the night. That if they sleep better they will think better about the baby.

Another belief is that if parents co sleep with the baby, the mother is less likely to develop postpartum depression. In some point they are right because when we have sleep deprivation we tend to feel unhappy, some people are more emotional and could also have suicidal thoughts.

Why I Started Co Sleeping

Coming home from the hospital, Angel was sleeping in his own crib. I, would feed him and put him back, by doing so I would never get enough sleep. I, would have to stay fully awake while feedings and then rocking him back to sleep, that could’ve taken me around an hour every two hour feeding’s.

The lack of sleep gave a feeling of a walking zombie. For two months after giving birth my sleeping habits were bad I, would fall asleep every feeding. As a result from two months of no regular sleep, I started obtaining sleep deprivation I couldn’t take it anymore.

I wasted hours searching online about co sleeping and potential danger. After all the reading and decision making. I decided to try co sleeping. Of course, I waited until Angel was able to support his own head a bit. While I was making my searches online I found a co sleeping pillow bed, which I bought and used until Angel learned to flip unto his belly.

Did Co Sleeping Help

The first night of co sleeping I was still waking up a lot to make sure that Angel is fine. On my Second night of co sleeping, I had the best sleep in two months. I finally could function correctly, I was able to stay awake during the whole day. I was getting a lot of work done, I didn’t feel tiered or out of energy.

Yes, I, would still sleep not full 10 hours, but I felt one hundred percent better. The co sleeping pillow bed helped me a lot, I was able to get my sleep while Angel was sleeping in his own little space separately. Co sleeping not only helped me get my sleep, but also helped me and Angel get more connected.

What I mean by more connected is he was able to stabilizing his own body heat. He had better sleep himself, he would sleep for longer periods during the night. Because I didn’t want my baby getting use to a lot of on hand carrying ” which helps me out a lot now”, he would get his time with me being close to him during co sleeping.

What type Of Co Sleeping Exists

You know, their is couple of Co sleeping methods available for us parents. Maybe you’re sleeping with a husband/partner and you don’t trust them in not flipping on the baby, or you are worried that you sleep sturdy at night. You can co sleeping in other ways.

Sleeping in one room with a baby is also co sleeping, you don’t need to run to another room to get the baby every time it cries. The baby will be right there with you, this way is also recommended by pediatrics because while you sleep in one room with the baby, your heart beats the same pace as the baby’s and the baby tends to relax more easily.

Side crib is one of the popular co sleeping way. While the baby is still sleeping separately, you don’t have to leave your comfy bed at all. Just simply place the baby few inches away from you, back into babies crib. This way the baby will also feel your body heat and control it is own body heat more easily.

The most common co sleeping way is in the same bed with you, in this co sleeping way you also have skin to skin contact which is really needed for babies.

CO Sleeping

Protect Your Baby While Co Sleeping

Some ways to protect a little infant during co sleeping. Getting a co sleeping pillow, or a special on bed co sleeping crib.

Some precaution to take while co sleeping is don’t sleeping with the baby if you had alcohol or some type of drug that helps you fall asleep or medicine that has a sleeping side effect.

I also heard that smokers should avoid co sleeping in the same bed as a baby because of an increasing possibility of baby developing SIDS.


Choosing same bed method of co sleeping, please take in comprehension swaddling the baby while co sleeping is a hazardous risk for an infant. They can over heat, and won’t be able to toss of the blank of off them or warn you.

Your Choice

I hope I was able to help you out, and getting you a bit educated on co sleeping, if your interested about reading more of the co sleeping benefits you could visit Co sleeping while breast feeding. ” Do you co sleeping with the baby?” Leave a comment! If you have any question feel free to ask me them.

10 Replies to “Co Sleeping With Your Infant – What are the benefits?”

  1. Great information in this article, Natalie. Co sleeping is a very interesting topic of discussion, and with your experience and knowledge, you have great information to provide. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Your Welcome, I will try to get more deeply into this topic and bring out all the cons and pros. This topic is very interesting indeed, every single person looks differently at Co sleeping.

  2. Hi, great information. I used to co-sleep with my babies in the earlier stages. I was always nervous about it at first, but then it felt like it was the right thing to do. I definitely believe it is healthy for mother and baby to be as close together as possible, but ultimately what I learnt when I had two newborns, is to do what’s best for both all people involved.
    Thank you for the helpful information!

  3. Hi,
    Great information. Surprisingly, the other benefits of co-sleeping were not really focused on while I was in medical school, rather all they talked about is SIDS.
    Thanks for the interesting information and I agreed with you that the benefits ( less postpartum depression, connection, adequate and quality sleep which prevent weight gain, irritability, etc ) seems to outweigh SIDS if one can take the precautions you mentioned using the unique pillow and other method.
    Nicely done

    1. Thank you Benson, as I heard from other medical students that they only focus on what not to do. Rather than on the benefits and how to prevent SIDS. I understand the medical school, if anything goes wrong and they were the ones to recommended co sleeping, they would be sued, so its really a big topic.

  4. Great article. There’s so much push to not cosleep that it’s great to hear support if it. I did cosleep while breastfeeding but did so privately since it was frowned upon. It made the most sense and worked the best for us. Thanks for the information and support of moms.

  5. Hi Nat, this is really awesome article. Honestly, I did NOT have a clue there is Co Sleeping. Wow, thank you for that really, you are an inspiration! Cant wait for your next articles.

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