Cloth Diapers Wear Reveiw – Is it cheaper?

Cloth Diapers

Hello, today I want to talk about cloth diapers, how they should be worn, fit and cared for longer use.

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Why I Choose Cloth Diapers

After Angels allergic reaction and having to change a lot of different brands of diapers, I decided to give clothe diapers a try. Lucky for me, my sister-in-law, used cloth diapers and explained everything to me. How to clean and put them together. I want to share with you my knowledge about cloth diapers.

Is It Cheaper

Yes, cloth diapers are cheaper in the long run. You buy disposable diapers they come out about 30 cents a diaper. While cloth diapers inserts 7 cents a day, your savings are almost $2.00 a day, that’s around $60.00 a month. Surprisingly a big save huh?

Your baby goes true about 300 disposable diapers a month, that’s approximately $100.00 you spend each month. With cloth diapers you need 10 – 12 diapers per day. You would need at all around 24-45 diapers in total, the amount mostly depends on how often you plan on washing them.

How To Put Them On

It looks hard at first, but it gets easier when you get the hang of it.Cloth Diapers

  • Put the back of the cloth diaper low in their back almost at the but crack level (they are placed lower than the disposable diaper.)
  • Take the gussets and make sure they are really in their leg cracks, this will prevent from any leaks.
  • If you did everything correctly it should feel really high on your babies belly.
  • The first step of a perfect fit is to snap the snaps that are going up to your babies belly.
  • Second you want to snap the wings for a good fit, don’t forget to leave some space for air.
  • When you are snapping the wings you want to pull up, and than over. This way you are getting the perfect fit all around your baby.

You can watch a video on how to put them on here.

Cloth diapers clips

Cleaning Cloth Diapers.

Their is a lot of different ways that you can clean your cloth diapers, all share with you the way I clean them.

  1. Wash off any poop you have on your diaper right away after changing your baby, you can just shake it off and rinse with cold water, or you can buy a diaper sprayer. ( If your baby is fully breast fed you don’t have to worry about this step, just wash it in the washer)
  2. Choose the days when your going to wash them, if you have time wash them every 3 days, its best not to keep it any longer than a week.
  3. Don’t wash more than 18 diapers at a time, unless you have a larger barrel washer. Make sure their is enough space between the diapers for the material to get agitated well.
  4. Its best to use your washer at the highest water levels.
  5. Pick a warm cycle and use a cloth friendly detergent.
  6. Dry diapers in your drier, or air dry them. You can also do both.

diaper Insertd

How To Last Cloth Diapers

  • The rarer you use bleach the better
  • Don’t dry them on the hottest settings (keeps them softer)
  • Do’t use softener for your diapers
  • Sun them, even cold water will work great
  • While air drying your diapers, try to reduce the stretching of the diapers, try drying them flat.

Cloth Diapers

My favorite part about cloth diapers, that you just have a one time buy and that’s it. I didn’t have to think about leaving money for diapers or having to choose between diapers and a toy for Angel.

If your looking for were to save with a baby, cloth diapers would be your go. They are easy to maintain, and best part about them is that if your worried about having to fold them think of it as you have 30 minutes of Netflix time. Yes, you heard me right 30 minutes of peace just you and Netflix.

4 Replies to “Cloth Diapers Wear Reveiw – Is it cheaper?”

  1. This is a piece of great advice. When compared with the price of cloth diapers, spending that much money on normal diapers is not an option. They might be convenient, but the cloth diaper is a much better option. Thanks for sharing and keep up the good work with your site here.

  2. Hi Natalia,

    Great info on something I didn’t know existed! My knowledge of diapers I must say is pretty small, but my sister has a newborn baby and was telling me the cost of diapers the other day so thought I would do some research for her. Glad I’ve found an alternative that will let her spend her money on something the baby will enjoy! I’ll be sure to pass on the info to her right away!

    1. Ted,

      You’re a really supportive brother, I personally didn’t have much experience with diapers until I had my little boy. 

      Disposable diapers are truly a big cost.

      If your sister has any question about cloth diapers,she can always email me or leave a comment, I will be more than happy to help her. 

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