Child Proofing For A Crawling Baby – What do you really need?

Baby Crawling

Your baby is about to start crawling and be mobile, if it’s your first baby let me tell you that crawling is just the beginning of a big game. Child proofing for a crawling baby is almost as if they are already walking and running, trust me they are fast crawlers.

The older their going to get, the bigger the problems they will bring. Well that’s for later right now we should be more concerned about their safety, while they learn and explore.

The Beginning

Once your baby is crawling, it’s just the matter of time until he/she can learn to stand by pulling themselves up. Be Never fooled by their cute little smile, they can turn your fully cleaned room into a mess with in minutes. You though that a baby that learned how to flip on the tummy was a hassle?

Let’s talk about what you can do to keep your baby safe. This checklist is the beginning that you need done before your baby is walking.

  • Bathing
  • Toilets
  • Cabinets
  • Heat and Burns
  • Changing tables ( if using one)
  • Sleeping
  • Fingers
  • Electricity
  • No Go Zones
  • Faling
  • Heavy Furniture
  • Floor Cleaning

Baby opening cabinets

Don’t Let Your Guard Down

You might have thought that a crawling baby, is more time available for you? I am sorry to disappoint you, a crawling baby wants even more attention and more toys.

Let me explain the checklist in a bit more detailed way.


When your baby is in the bath, don’t leave them unsupervised.

Only have enough water to cover the legs, he/she will try crawling and standing.

Best to have a non-slip mat in the tub.


Believe it or not, this will be an issue, if they don’t wash themselves in it. They will definitely wash something ells and you know what I am talking about. Your phone and their toys, it’s best to have a toilet safety latch.


Kids love to play in the cabinets and with everything inside, they don’t understand what’s safe for them and what is dangerous. So it’s best to have those cabinets on a lock and away from the baby.

Heat And Burns

Once your little one will start crawling he/she will learn to stand up really fast. Watch out for the stove and make sure you always keep the handles of the pots and pans facing the wall.

Pots and Pans facing away

Changing tables

Most likely your baby will not be laying calmly in it, strap your baby at all times.


Makes sure your baby is falling asleep on the back and keep any soft blankets and pillows out.

Don’t leave any toys in the crib, once your baby learns to stand up keep the bed as lowest position as possible.


Your baby will learn to pull themselves up soon, and doors will be their favorite toy make sure you have door stoppers, and door holders to protect their tinny fingers and hands.


Keep all the wires tugged away and all the plugs closed, they can and will try to manage their hands and toys inside.

No Go Zones

Their are some zones in the house that your baby should never be in unsupervised such as: kitchen, stairs, pools. Protect those areas with baby gates and latches.


Keep your baby from falling, keep your baby as low to the ground as you can if you can’t secure them safely on the high surface.

Heavy Furniture

Secure the heavy furniture that your baby can tilt over on him/her self. Mount TV’s to the wall and other furniture that can be tilted. Keep everything heavy and sharp push back as far as possible.

Floor Cleaning

You might have asked what does floor cleaning have to do with child proofing for a crawling baby?

First your baby is crawling on the floor and than puts the same hands into his mouth, and second of all he/she will be eating everything of the floor.


The Stairs And Pools

I wanted to give extra talk on the stairs and pools, because I feel like these are the most dangerous areas in a house. How do you think?


A safety gate is good for the bottom part of the stairs, but not so safe for the top part of the stairs. Your baby is crawling and lifting up, they are a lot stronger than we think.

A safety gate won’t be able to hold the babies weight, your baby can pull and start shaking the baby gate or fully lean and fall on it.

Most baby gates will collapse, for this reason it’s best to choose a wall mounted baby gate.


Never leave your baby unattended near a pool or any type of water openings. Try installing a fence around the pool or close of the entrance to it.

If you can’t do both of them keep a baby latch on the slider and always closed to remind yourself to keep that door closed.

If your outside in the park or by a lake keep your baby at arms reach at all times.

What I learned

Angel is crawling now for a bit over two moths. I learned a lot on how to keep him safe, but lately he started showing signs of walking on his own and I understand I am in for more trouble.

One of my best and assured ways of keeping him safe is getting on his level. Before I start cleaning or cooking I always make sure I get to his eyesight level and check for any possible danger.

Getting on to their level helps to see the danger right away, what we see from the top is different from what we see from the bottom.

I also usually check him every 10 to 20 seconds to make sure his safe and not doing anything to harm himself.

Don’t Hesitate

Never hesitate on baby proofing, always do as much as you can and even more. If you ever get a feeling that you need to check on your baby, do so our mom and dad instinct are almost always right.

Do you have any safe tips for me and other moms? Or maybe you have a question about any topic I mentioned? Leave me your question or/and tip in the comments and I will be more than happy to answer you.

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