About Natalie

Natalie and Angel

Hello everyone, and Thank You for visiting Baby & Toddler Care. My name is Natalie I live is USA, I had a baby boy at age 20, back then I didn’t know a lot about taking care of infants. I knew that I was making a life changing decision, my life wouldn’t be the same afterwards.

But I am happy I made the choice, in the last 9 months I never wanted to change my decision. I didn’t know a lot of things staring from picking baby clothes, to a good car seat.

I wanted to create this blog for all the moms out there, I want to share my stories and what helped me and could help you.

Never Give Up

The very first week after Angel was born, we spent in NICU. He was a premature baby and had trouble multi tasking. The doctors didn’t know how much time he could spend there, but I never gave up. I knew that he was a strong little boy.

The first two days he was mostly sleeping not eating, and to help him out we had to get a feeding tube. On the third day he had some milk from a bottle and he wouldn’t stop eating, he didn’t stop for air that was his little problem.

Nurse had to stop the milk flow for him, so he could breathe, but being a smarty-pants that he is he understood from the first time what was expected from him.

With every day he would get better and stronger, I would spend hours in his hospital room. When I was released my self from the hospital, I came to him from 9 to 12.

On a Saturday evening I got a call from the doctors saying that they want me to come over for the night, they needed to see how I would act with the baby. You have no idea how happy I was Angel was finally coming home.

Moms Life

Being a mom changed me and my way of life, but I still wanted to have my own life and hobbies. It took me a lot of try’s and fail to understand how to combine my life with, the baby’s needs. In this blog I want to share how I was able to combine the two together.

Helping Others

I created this blog to help out mom’s with their every day problems, the problems that I had and found ways to comprehend them. I want to share my experience with you. I want to support you in your journey as a mom.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more then happy to help you out.

All the best,