Brushing Baby’s First Teeth – When to start brushing infants teeth

Baby teeth

We don’t always associate infants teeth brushing as a need. We assume that once they grow up at age 2, when all of their teeth are out. That’s when we should begin brushing, but that’s not correct.

A lot of parents actually believe that’s its bad to brush infants teeth, that fluoride is bad for infants and toddlers health. I want to tell you why even brushing the temporary teeth is important.

When To Start Brushing

It was previously recommended by American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD) to wait until your baby is about 2 years of age. Before starting to brush their teeth, but recent studies have shown that’s it’s better to start early, to protect the primary teeth from going bad.

You should begin brushing as soon as your first tooth pops up, you heard me right at 6 months it’s safe to start brushing your infants teeth, don’t forget about their gums.

For better and safer gum brushing use a silicon finger brush.

You don’t only protect you babies temporary teeth, but also help relief the pain in their gums from other teeth growing.

How Long Should You Brush For

Brush your infants teeth and gums for as long as you would brush your teeth, two minutes twice a day. Even using a silicon finger brush will help your baby, from develop bacteria on their growing teeth.

Baby Teeth

What Toothpaste And How Much

The best baby tooth paste is Colgate for babies, you can get the fluoride free one if it will make your mind feel at ease.

You should always buy the appropriate age toothbrushes for your little one.

The Finger brush – when they have more gums than teeth

Training tooth brush – once they have a couple teeth

Full size kids toothbrush – when you have all the teeth, and your baby stands on it’s own ( around 1 year old)

While your baby is growing the amount of tooth paste also increase, when you first start at 6 months it is a barely noticeable amount of florid toothpaste ( size of a rice grain). Or you can just use a soft toothbrush and water.

For a toddler you can use a pea size amount of tooth paste. Encourage your little ones to brush their teeth twice a day, after breakfast and before bed time.

How To Teach Your Child To Brush Teeth

If you start early in their life, it will become their habit and easier for you, than teaching a two-year old that has never brushed their teeth. Your babies oral health is as important as their body health. Our kids are like a cake mixture, after the cake is backed it’s hard to change it’s taste.

Has no teeth or one – Use the rubber brush with water, gently wash the whole mouth. Don’t forget the tongue, it has a lot of milk left on it.


Has teeth, but doesn’t understand why spit – You can use an appropriate for their age brush, use a rice amount of toothpaste. Brush gently all over their teeth, in circular motions.

Spit on their own – Let your toddler brush on his/her own, and than just follow up after they are done to make sure it’s all clean.

Toddler teeth

Tips And Trick

Your baby hates teeth brushing time it’s okay, just make it feel as if it’s a game, get boring brushing time into fun entertainment.

  • Start from getting your baby into a mood of brushing ( if your baby is small play pica boo)
  • Time the brushing and race your toddler ( who can brush longer)
  • Show them that it’s a fun time ( while brushing teeth be happy, and enjoy it. They are watching you all the time)
  • Play their favorite song, and brush to it’s beat ( baby shark) will work great
  • Let your toddler start brushing on their own
  • Reward great brushing

What to buy to make it more fun

  • Buy decorated toothbrush and toothpaste with their favorite character
  • Buy cute cases with their favorite characters
  • Buy a special step stool, your little one will feel older ( wanting to do older kid stuff, like brushing their teeth on their own)

If your infant won’t let you inside their mouth, buy a banana baby tooth brush, which they can use on their own.

Help while brushing

What Not To Do While Brushing

  • Don’t leave your toddler a lone
  • Put the tooth paste out of reach ( to stop them from eating it)
  • Stop brushing and forget about it ( don’t give up)
  • Discourage your child from brushing on their own

Angels Teeth Brushing

At 6 months angel had already two bottom teeth. He wouldn’t  let me brush his teeth, so I bought him a banana baby tooth brush. He got the job done by himself, he still enjoys chewing on that banana.

I used fluoride baby tooth paste. I always get a rice grain size of tooth paste for him, and will use until he will turn 2 years. Brushing in circular motions, I get all his 6 teeth and I am supper careful on his gums. Just brushing the top, back and front trying not to brush his gums hard.

Take Care For Their Teeth

Knowing how important it is to brush your babies teeth, you can stop the bacterial growth before it goes out of hand.

Have you ever heard stories were toddlers primary teeth were coming with cavities, it’s true if your baby develops cavities on their temporary teeth, and you don’t take them to the dentist, the cavities can develop in their primary teeth.

Please stay safe and keep brushing. How old was your baby when it first saw a tooth brush? When will you start brushing their teeth? Leave your answers in the comment below.


2 Replies to “Brushing Baby’s First Teeth – When to start brushing infants teeth”

  1. Hi, Natalie,

    Thank you for putting together this information and tips, I find them to be very helpful.

    To be honest, I was also afraid to brush my little daughter’s teeth at a very early age, and we started when she was one year old.

    Thankfully, it wasn’t difficult at all to make her enjoy the process.

    Although it’s said that infants toothpaste is made of herbals and is safe for them, I still was worried about the fact she might have swallowed the toothpaste.

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