Breastfeeding Positions – Tips for most comfortable breastfeeding

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Breast feeding is one of the most common talks between the moms, their is always something new to learn every day. Sometimes babies don’t like a certain position, their is nothing wrong with that. We never eat in the same position, so why should they.

Why BreastFeed

Breast milk is really important for your baby it not only provides the nutrients your baby need, but also helps your baby develop a great immune system.

It is a proven fact that babies that were breastfeeding, were having better immune systems, than the one who were not able to have their moms milk.


When your baby is born, most moms don’t have breast milk the first couple days or if they do, they get a small amount of colostrum for their baby.

In situations when a baby is born early moms sometimes don’t get any milk or it takes couple days for colostrum to appear, if this happens the hospitals offer the mom a choice. Either to formula feed the baby, or give your baby donated milk from milk banks.

Donated Milk

Donated milk is fully safe it goes true a lot of test to make sure it’s safe for your baby.

I donate milk myself and I can reassure you that it’s totally safe and good for your baby.

Different Position

Breastfeeding is a moment where a mom can bond with her baby. A breastfeeding position should be comfortable for both the mom and the baby.

Traditional Laying – Back Position

When your baby is born, the doctors place your baby on your stomach and try to make the first latch. You would notice that your baby is trying to crawl to words your breast.

Babies can smell your milk and tend to crawl towards the smell, this action is called breast – crawl. In this position your baby gets the first skin to skin contact, for most babies this position is the best one to latch on, while the mom can rest on her back.

This position is great in all ages from new brown to toddler.

Football Position

The football position is great for new born, and moms with twins, it’s also great for moms that had a c-section. In this passion your baby is laying by your side usually on a feeding pillow, his feet are facing your back, while you have a perfect view of his face.

It’s a great way to bond with your baby, while you still have a lot of movement available. Another big plus of this position is if your breast doubled in size, you won’t cover your baby with them.

When I gave birth to Angel the first 3 months I definitely had double D if not bigger, and if I would be feeding him in the cradle or the traditional way. I would cover his whole face, and holding my breast for whole 30 minutes of feeding is not something I was going to risk doing.

Koala Position

The Koala position suits best for older babies that can support their own head and body, while you can still do it with a newborn. Just provide the support your baby needs. This position is great because you have a lot of free hand movement, and if you need to do work at home, your going to love it.

It is also great for public feedings, while your baby is sitting on your lap or thigh, keeping his head and back in an upright position as he eats, will help you cover everything up.

Baby Feedng

Laying down position

Laying down feeding is perfect for the night feeds, I know a lot of moms are scared of dropping the baby during night feedings. This position will help you stay safe. It’s also best for Co Sleeping you don’t have to disturbed your sleep or the babies after they eat.

You want to lay down on your side and have your baby on the side as well. In my opinion I would recommend doing this position when your baby is starting to support it’s own head at around 2 months.

Over The Stomach Position

Over the stomach is great if you had a c-section and can’t sit up or your baby is a preemie. It works for all ages and older babies like this way of nursing as well.

You would need to place your baby sideways, it’s head on the nipple while the body is either laying straight down the middle of your stomach or hanging down from the side, sitting on the knees.

If your baby is small you can support it’s body with a pillow if you want to do a side over the stomach feeding.

This position is loved by babies because of a lot of skin to skin contact, it’s also a great way to help your baby to pass gasses.

I had used this position personally, when Angel was around 3 months he would cry hysterically if I tried feeding him in any other position, my sister-in-law recommended this position for me. It worked great and he loved it.

Dancer Hand Nursing Position

If you’re having trouble latching with your baby, try this method. Have your hand hold your breast underneath, your thumb and index need to form a U shape, for your babies chin to rest in. This way your thumb and index finger are supporting and guiding your babies mouth for a better latch.

You can use this hand position in any nursing way, if your baby is a preemie, or was born with an illness or a disease that causes your baby to have a low muscle tone. This hold will be your life savor.

I had to use the dancer hold for the first month of Angel life, he was born 5 weeks early and had a weak muscle tone, this hand position helped me a lot to guide him and support his head.

Cradle Hold Position

The cradle hold position is also a common way to nurse your little one, but it doesn’t give your new born full body support. Using a breastfeeding pillow is a must in this position with a new born.

You should be sitting straight, your baby is laying on it’s side, the head and neck is supported by your forearm, the rest of the body is laying across your stomach.

This position is great not only at home on the couch, but also while your traveling. In the car and airplane this position is the best and most comfortable for a young and older baby.

Craddel Feeding

Dangle Feeding Position

The dangling position is great if you’re having a slow milk flow, or mastitis when touching or squishing your breast hurts. Your baby would be laying on it’s back while you are on top of your baby on all fours dangling the nipples into his mouth.

No matter how funny it sounds or looks a lot of moms are saying that the dangling position helped them with blocked milk ducts.

This position could also be done while your sitting and your baby is laying across your lap, while you dangle your breast on top of him.

Of Course the dangling position is not recommended as a constant feeding position.

Baby formula Fed

Which Position To Choose

There is no right or wrong position to feed your baby, you can pick one or do every single one.

I personally breastfeed Angel in a traditional position at home. When we are on the go, it’s either a cradle position or koala position. When he was smaller he preferred over the stomach position.

Pumping While Breastfeeding

I know that we are encouraged to pump in the hospitals, but in my home country pumping is not really a need.

Usually your breast milk first comes in big amounts, but within a month or two it adjusts to your babies needs. Starting to pump early before your milk regulated can get you into over supplying problem.

The whole idea of pumping is requesting your body to make more milk. It is great for moms that have a small supply of milk or for moms whose milk didn’t come in yet and the baby has trouble latching on.

You can also use your frozen milk to feed your baby when you wean, but still want to give your baby nutrition it needs.

Pumping while breastfeeding is not a requirement, it’s your own choice. I know a lot of moms that didn’t pump and within 8 weeks there milk supply was stable and they had no problems.

Of course if you have extra milk or your over supplied, you could always donate your milk for moms who can’t produce milk.

Pumping Choice

Whether to pup or not it’s your choice, but if you decided to pump.

It’s best to pump right after you feed your baby, so for your next feeding you would have plenty of milk.

Even if your baby will want your breast milk right after pumping, let them. Your pump won’t be able to get all of your back milk out and your baby can still get some food.

Breast Feeding Tips

Let’s talk about some tips that could help you make breast feeding, your best time of the day.

  • Get your self something to do, grab a book or your phone
  • Use the restroom beforehand
  • Get your snacks and drinks next to you ( so you could reach them without bothering your baby )
  • Make sure your baby and you are comfy

One more and probably the most important thing for first time moms, signs your baby will be showing when they are hungry.

First stage: Your baby will be rooting ( looking for your nipple with an open mouth)

Second stage: Your baby will open the eyes and start making more active movements

Third stage: Your baby will start crying, fussing, wriggling

Baby eating

Breastfeeding Routine

There is no specific breastfeeding routine you should follow, don’t listen to people that are saying that you need to follow strict timing on feedings.

Every baby is different, and some need more milk while the other ones need less.

Some babies can eat enough milk in one feeding, while the another baby will need to latch twice.

Feed your baby on demand, your baby knows better when it’s hungry, but if you are formula feeding or bottle feeding breast milk than you would want to have at least two hours in between the feedings.

Your baby won’t over eat if they are fully breastfeeding, while when it’s bottle feeding it’s easy to over feed your baby.

Baby Health

Breastfeeding is your choice don’t feel pressured to do anything that you are not willing to do. It’s your body and it’s your baby. You as a parent have the last word in anything that happens with you guys. Stay healthy and Happy.

You got any questions for me? Feel free to ask I will answer every single one.

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