Best Teething Toys For Babies

Baby Teething

Babies tend to start drooling and itching their gums at around 6 months, if your baby is around that age. I want to congratulate you on your first coming tooth.

I want to share with you the teething toys that helped my baby boy, and will help your baby as well. Teething is the most dis comfortable development in babies life, we as parents need to help them make it as pleasant for them as possible.

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Fun And Entertaining

Teething KeysName: Nuby Ice Gel Teether Keys

Price: $7.84 – $20.05

Where to buy: Amazon

Distribution: Single or Pack

Color: Pink or Blue

This teether is my personal favorite, because I can put it inside the refrigerator and make a cooling effect for my sons gums. You can buy it for girls or boys, maybe you got twins and need two for both of them.

This teether assists all three of your babies teething zones front, middle, and the back teeth. The best part about this toy is it’s multi functionality. It will not only help your baby while teething, but also provide your baby help with developing coordination skills.

Easy To Use

teething mittName: Itzy Ritzy Silicone Teething Mitt

Price: $7.19 – $24.76
Where to buy: Amazon
Color: Blush unicorn, Cactus, Dinosaur, Fox, Llama, Pineapple, Unicorn



These mittens provide great relief from sour and itchy gums, and they also make crinkle noise to keep your baby entertained.

They are made from food safe silicon, not toxic for your baby approved by BPA and PVC. This teether is perfect for babies that still can’t hold a teether in their little hands.

My favorite part about these mittens is that they are super easy to clean, just trow them in your washer and than air dry them. Simple right?

4 In 1


Teething setName: Baby Teething Toys Set

Price: $13.99
Where to buy: Amazon



This theeter set is great from gums to teeth it will not only help your baby with pain relief, but also helps you develop good oral hygiene. The product is a natural safe teether approved by CPS and BPA.

Giraffe teether is designed to soothe, massage, and reduce fussiness & discomfort. The pliable beads and bumps design will help them relieve teething discomfort.

Strawberry and orange are great fit for your babies small hands, they don’t only help your baby while teething but also help develop fine motor skills.

The set also provides a tooth brush for you to keep the babies teeth cleaned from all the bacteria. This kit is all you need for your teething baby.

Never Lose It

TeetherName: Mam Baby Teething Toy

Price: $6.99 – $18.72
Where to buy: Amazon

Color: Pink or Blue




The teething toy is great from 2 months old babies and older. Teether is filled with purified water than can be cooled in the refrigerator for better effect.

The teether also provides a stimulator for your babies sense of touch and faster coordination skills.

The teether comes with a clip that will help you keep your teether clean and near your baby at all times. Being so light weighted your baby won’t have trouble holding it by her/him self.

Trow And Chew

Teething BallName: Bumkins Silicone Sensory Teether Ball
Price: $6.26 – $28.76

Where to buy: Amazon
Color: White/Black, Blue, Green, Pink


The reason why I bought the Silicone Sensory Teether for Angel, was because it soothe babies’ sore gums that we had a big issue with.

The Silicone Sensory Teether is made from silicone that’s flexible and gentle enough when your baby wants soft pressure. It has four different textures massage that provides relief to gums, while allowing your baby to explore. May be chilled for better relief.

This Sensory teether is great because it has a design that helps your baby in development of sensory, motor and coordination skills.

The fact that it’s from a silicon material which naturally creates a bacterial barrier is great. This ball of joy and relief is safe for boiling sterilizations, if you don’t have time for that just put it in your dishwasher.

First tooth

Stay Pain Relieved

I know that your baby will love these teething toys as much as my baby boy did. Wash the teethers before first use, and you won’t have any more problems with itching gums. For a faster cooling of a teether, put it in a wet paper towel, when you are placing it into the fridge. Do your baby have a favorite teether?







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