Baby Skin Care – Do you need to use lotion on a baby?

Baby skin

Am I the only one that loves Newborn soft skin? I hope not, baby skin is soft ones their born but it can change if not take care of. Their skin is gentle and anything could cause an irritation in their skin. Let’s talk about how to fix the problems that are caused naturally or not.

What Type Of Skin Does Your Baby Have

Knowing your babies skin type could save you a lot of time when your are buying baby skin care products.

Normal Skin

Your baby has normal skin type if it’s always soft and you don’t see any visible imperfections.

Dry Skin

Dry ski is easy to tell on a baby, it will be rough, and flaky. Not only seasonally, but all year round is possible as well.

Sensitive Skin

Sensitive skin in babies is the hardest to take care of, it easily gets irritated and could become red with a safe grip.

Eczema on skin

When your baby has eczema on skin you will notice your baby itching a lot, also red patches could appear on and off on babies body.

Now you can tell what skin type your baby has, knowing the baby skin type is just the beginning of the baby skin care process.

How To Care For Normal Skin

Caring for a baby with normal skin type is the easiest, but don’t be fooled allergies can still happen, rashes and eczema too.

First step

The first step in taking care of normal baby skin, while your baby is just out of the bath and dried. Apply baby lotion and give your baby a massage during your application.

This action will hep your baby relax and have a better sleep.

Second step

Let your baby air dry after you applied the lotion.

Third step

This is the time to apply any cream prescribed by a doctor.

How often to wash the baby?

For a newborn not more than once or twice a week with a baby shampoo or soap.

When is it safe to use lotion?

Your baby doesn’t need lotion, while they are still new born unless they have problems skin.

Deciding to still use lotion on a new born, make sure it doesn’t contain perfumes or dies, like Aquaphor or/and Eucerin.

Can I use baby oil instead of lotion?

No, baby oil doesn’t moisturize the skin. It’s made to do massages on a baby, your babies skin won’t be able to absorb it properly.

How To Care For Dry Skin

Baby with dry skinDry skin usually happens because of a climate change, or the natural skin oil barrier was fractured. No matter what the cause is it’s usually treated the same all the time.

Ways to help treat dry skin

  • Always moisturize – Moisturize your babies skin all the time after every bath, use hypoallergenic baby lotion.
  • Humidifiers – Try to keep air in your house always moisturized.
  • More liquids – Offer your baby more liquids milk for smaller babies and water for older ones.
  • Oatmeal baths – When bathing your baby add bath oatmeal

In any situation your baby skin start showing sign of dry patches cracking, or your babies skin is bother the baby. Talk to your pediatrician.

Preventing dry skin

You can try preventing your babies dry skin.

  • Don’t over wash your baby – Keep the baths under 15 minutes and less frequent.
  • Use warm water – Hot water can dry your babies skin
  • Keep soap at minimal and basic – Get fragrance- free, gentle soap,
  • Bubble bath – off limits also not only it can dry your babies skin, it can irritate your baby girls private parts.
  • No soap water sit – Don’t let your baby sit to long in soapy water, if you want to let your baby splash let them do it before washing them.
  • Don’t scrub – Pat your baby dry with a towel, if you will scrub you can bother the protective natural oil layer.
  • House heating – Having to warm house air can dry babies skin, the ideal temperature for babies skin is 68 F. Try keeping it as closes to 68 F as you can.
  • Mittens, Hats – During a cold and harsh winter keep your babies skin covered from winds as much as possible.
  • Clothes wash – Pick a child friendly detergent.

How To Treat Rashes

Diaper rash

No matter how much we parent try, our babies could develop a baby rash. There are ways to help your baby with a diaper rash, and ways to prevent them as much as we can.

What is a baby rash?

Baby rashes commonly happen on your babies diaper area. Their is also cradled cap which can happen not only in your babies diaper aria, but all over your babies body.

What causes baby rashes?

There is couple of reasons what causes baby diaper rashes. One of the main cause of diaper rashes are:

  • Being to long in a dirty diaper – long duration in pee and stool are the main reasons of diaper rashes
  • Harsh soaps
  • Sweat – usually happens during hot seasons
  • Moisture – soaking wet diaper or clothes from water
  • Tight diapers – not enough air movement can not only cause a diaper rash it can worse the occurring one

Those are the most common reasons of a diaper rash, not let’s talk about medical reasons for a diaper rash.

How to treat baby rash?

Treating and preventing diaper rashes is done by the same actions.

  • Keep bacteria out – wash your hands before every diaper change
  • Keep skin dry – let your baby air dry, wearing a diaper on a wet body can cause even worse rash
  • Changing diapers as often as possible – as soon as your baby poops or pees is the best time
  • Use water – if you have time wash your baby under tap water to clean poop of your baby
  • Pad dry – don’t scrub your babies skin when drying them down
  • Wipes – choosing to use wipes try finding ones with no fragrance or alcohol added into them

Extreme rashes

At least once in your babies life they will go true a bad diaper rash.

  • Avoid diaper – give your baby diaper free time, as much as you can
  • Don’t scrub – use a squirt bottle to clean them with tap water
  • Ointment – use prescribed ointment

When to get a doctor involved?


Usually diaper rashes leave on their own, but there’s times when you need a doctor involved.

  • Diaper rashes continues for more than 3 days
  • You sign of infection
  • Diaper rashes gets worse
  • Your baby becomes oozy
  • Your baby develops a fever

How To Treat Eczema

Infant eczema

Eczema is a type of skin problem that is mostly inherited by children.

Why eczema happens in babies?

Eczema usually happen when babies skin gets in contact with

  • Soap
  • Shampoo
  • Pollen
  • Any irritating substances

How to treat eczema?

The best treatment for your babies (infantile) eczema is daily baths and constant moisturizing.

  1. Wash your baby in water using mild cleanser and no longer than 15 minutes.
  2. After rinsing your baby complete, pad dry your baby.
  3. Apply your cream/ointment, you can also try applying petroleum jelly, when your babies skin is still damp.
  4. Use moisturize cream at least twice a day, every diaper change would be great.

How to prevent eczema?

  • Buy cotton clothes as much as you can.
  • Avoid over heating your baby in any way.
  • Try avoiding baby soap and bubble baths
  • Avoid over bathing your baby
  • Before letting your baby in pools moisturize their skin, and wash them right after.
  • Sea water might improve eczema

When to go to the doctor?

Baby eczema is not always sever and your baby doesn’t have to be take to the doctors right away.

These are the signs that you need to go to doctor if spotted:

  • The condition persists
  • The rash becomes purple, crusty, weep
  • Rash forms blisters
  • Fever and rash – the child might need evaluation

How long does baby eczema last?

Eczema in babies is usually outgrown between 3 to 5 years into your babies life.

Interesting facts about eczema


30% of children that have sever eczema have food allergens, the most common one is Cow’s milk.

Care For Sensitive Skin

Some babies are born with sensitive skin, which reacts aggressively to different factors.

What can trigger sensitive skin?

  • Overreacting to stress
  • Environmental changes – wind, fast temperature changes, sweating
  • Chemical stresses – dyes, detergents, hard water
  • Rubbing – from diapers or clothes, even skin to skin rubbing
  • Anger

What are symptoms of sensitive skin?

To know if your baby has sensitive skin to anything, watch for these symptoms.

  • Tingling
  • Prickling
  • Skin tightness
  • Temporary redness
  • Dry skin

How to help a baby with sensitive skin?

Helping your baby treat and prevent sensitive skin to bother your baby is easy.

  • Avoid the triggers
  • Use ointments that help prevent irritations
  • Moisturize your babies skin more often
  • Try using cotton fabric on everything your baby uses or has
  • Keep your babies protected from the sun
  • Keep your babies environment clean
  • Keep bath time short
  • Keep the diaper area as dry as possible

Baby after a bath

Angels Skin Problems

When Angel was under 6 months, he had 2 rashes that were cause by different reasons.

First was diaper rash it happened because of long diaper wearings. In hospitals, he wood get a diaper changed every 3 hours, after a week of long diaper holds he developed a rash.

To treat his rashes I got an ointment prescribed by a doctor and gave him a lot of free diaper time, and also only used tap water to wash him.

The second rash was an eczema rash, after two days of eczema progressing I went to the doctor and they gave us a cream to use 2 twice a day. It took us about two weeks to treat his eczema.

He also recently had one more diaper rash from diarrhea, I used the same methods to treat it.

When They Can’t Do It By Themselves

Babies are relying on us to help them with all their baby problems, anything is treatable and it always looks worse than it is. Don’t panic mom you can do anything.

How do you treat your babies skin?

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