Baby Ready To Wean Signs – When and How to stop breastfeeding

Baby Weaning

Hello to all the mom’s out there, before we get into the topic of weaning. I want to say Happy Mothers Day. Wish you and your baby to stay always healthy.

A lot of moms are struggling with ending the breastfeeding, I will talk about the five signs that will let you know when your baby is ready to end with breast milk, these signs are proven by a lot of moms.

The Five Signs

  • The baby has been falling asleep without breastfeeding
  • The baby ask for breast milk only before sleeping or right after
  • Takes it calmly when you don’t let him have breast milk
  • Easily can stay without you for several hours
  • The baby has other people that can calm him down, that he relies on

All babies are different so moms please look at your baby, and don’t ever feel pressured to end breastfeeding. You can feed your baby as long as he wants to or you do.

Weaning Choices

Weaning is only your choice, but there are some times when it’s better to lay it off.

If you know that there will be a stress full situation for your baby such as

  • moving
  • your going to start work
  • teething

If you start weaning during this time your baby will be double stressed and it will leave a mark on there tiny nerve system.

Different ways to wean

Moms have choice about when and how to start weaning your baby, you could gradually decrease the milk supply by taking one breast milk meal away, it’s better to start from day time meals. Since the baby can have something instead.

You can also let your baby to decide when he/she is ready to stop breastfeeding. The baby will gradually stop asking for breast milk on it’s own. This way of weaning is the most comfortable for moms that don’t have another baby on the way.

Is there a perfect age to end breast milk?

No, it’s all about the mom and baby if you feel fine have your little one have your breast milk until they are ready to stop going for it. Even pediatrics don’t know a perfect age to stop breastfeeding.

Some say that the best time is to end when your baby is a 2-year-old toddler. Or once they get closer to one year of age. Your babies gets most of the nutrients from your breast milk, even a 2-year-old can have most nutrients true breast milk.

Breast milk provides babies and toddlers with natural immune boosting, it can also calm down naturally a worried or tiered baby.

Toddler Breastfeeding

Actual Weaning

If you decide to wean your baby gradually than you need to start by taking one meal away from a day feeding, and let your breasts get used to the new amount of milk that the baby is going to request.

If your breast feel hard release a little amount of milk just enough to help you relax but not enough to support more milk coming. Once your breast are used to the new amount of milk take another feeding out, and continue this process until you run out of milk for your baby.

Taking it gradually will help your babies not stress, and help you not develop such diseases as breast engorgement, blocked ducts or mastitis.

Baby having breast milk

My Choices About Weaning

My personal choice about ending weaning, I’m going to let Angel decided when he will be ready to end breastfeeding. Counting in that he was a premature baby he relies on me a lot.

I can’t even leave him with any of my relatives, because he starts to have a panic attack as soon as I am out of his eye site. This just shows how much he is not ready to stop breastfeeding, even tho he is already 9 months he is still really attached to me.

In The End It’s All About You

It’s your choice about ending breastfeeding, and not the public. It’s all about you and the baby do what’s right for both of you. Mommies let me know what are your thoughts about breastfeeding, and if you had ever weaned before? Leave your answers in the comment down below.

10 Replies to “Baby Ready To Wean Signs – When and How to stop breastfeeding”

  1. This is very well explained. It is sometimes difficult to decide when to stop breastfeeding and how to wean your baby of breastfeeding. On top of that, it also means that he is getting bigger, it’s a new stage in his/her life, and that can be exciting and or daunting 😉
    I think the best is indeed letting your baby decide when it’s time like you’re doing, or doing it slowly, little by little.

    1. Thank you Christine,
      I believe you are right and more moms should let their babies decide. What looks good for us, sometimes is not good for them we as parents should always think about their well being and than ours.

  2. You present so much important information in your articles that whoever reads them can learn something from you. As far as stopping breastfeeding goes, it makes so much sense when you say that it’s all about Mommy and baby, and doing what is best for them. Great article!

  3. Thanks for a such a considerate and informative article. I guess some toddlers are more clingy to their mothers than others, but I do beleive that weening them off by reducing breast feeding gradually is a good method. What happens though when a toddler never wants to stop breast feeding ? 🙂

    1. Mohammed,
      I never heard of a toddler after 5 having breast milk. Usually kids just forget about it, or they grow out of it. In some situations moms just stop producing milk and wean their babies after all, but its going to be easier and faster.

  4. Breastfeeding is very important to help grow a child’s immune system as you’ve explained in your article. I like how you’ve outlined how a mom can stop breastfeeding following the tips you’ve mentioned. However, different circumstances can force the mom to stop breastfeeding her baby early and this can seem harsh to a baby as struggle to adjust. It really helps if the baby stops by themselves or when the mom takes the advantage of the signs you’ve outlined.

    Thank you.

  5. Hi Nataliya,
    This article presents some very useful information for new mothers. I like the part that talks about preventing complications with breast feeding. I would definitely pass this along to any friends that have a new baby.

    Warm regards,

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