Baby First Bath – When And How

Babies bath time

Babies first bath usually scares every parent, because the baby is so fragile and small. Moms I will tell you by a secret man are more scared than us.  I know a lot of families where man were even scared to hold their baby for the very first time.

Thinking about bath time was something outer space for them, but don’t worry about that with my tips and tricks you will be more than ready to give your very own first bath.

When To Give Your Baby First Bath

Your infants first bath happened while you were in the hospital between 24 – 48 hr after birth, but don’t be worried once you go home with your little one you have a week or two to get ready for this big step.

Pediatrics recommend bathing your baby after the umbilical cord is fully healed. That is our time to get ready for it.

You can always give your baby a sponge bath. You should use baby wipes to clean the baby’s fat folds daily. This will help your baby feel fresh, babies sweat just like us.

Once your umbilical cord is healed it’s recommend to give your baby a bath, only once a week and maximum of two per week. You can always wash your babies face and diaper aria daily, for your babies best comfort.

Once your baby will get older you can add extra baths and time your baby spends in water. The best recommend time in water is approximate 15 minutes.

How To Bathe Your Baby

Your baby is home and the umbilical cord healed properly lets start baby’s first bath. You can choose to wash your baby in your sink ( if it’s big enough) or buy a baby’s bath tub.

First step: Get everything ready, turn off your ac if it’s set on cooling. (This step will prevent your baby from getting sick) Get your baby’s shampoo and sponge ready, a warm towel to swaddle your baby. Also, get your husband to be their just in case you will need his help.

Second step: Get the warm water started, check the temperature to make sure it’s safe for your baby ( by doing an elbow test it should feel warm not hot), Once your bath water is ready start undressing the baby.

Third Step: Holding your baby flat on his back with your hand supporting the head and all the baby’s weight ( if you want to feel safe have one person hold the baby while the other one washes).

Slowly sink your baby into the water, with slow movement wash your baby and make sure you get all the spots where your baby has baby fat folds. Those spots are the most sweaty and dirty.

Fourth Step: Once your done washing your baby you can wash the head, it’s always best to save it for last to make sure your baby’s soft spot doesn’t get cold. Hold your baby firmly under the armpits and pick the baby up out of the water and support the head while you dry off your baby.

That is one way to wash your baby once you get more experience it will be easier and fun time for both of you. If your still scared or unsure about the first bath watch this video about how to wash a new born.

Water temperature

Don’t Do During Bath Time

Since we talked about how to bathe your baby, lets talk about what to never do while bathing your little one. No matter what age your baby is.

  • Always keep the water warm and make sure your baby’s body is always warm.
  • Don’t leave baby’s head unsupported
  • Don’t leave your baby alone, not even for a second ( babies needs only 2 inches of water to drown)
  • Don’t bath your baby more than two times per week ( baby’s skin becomes dry and irritated)
  • Don’t over wash your baby
  • Hot water can burn your baby’s delicate skin
  • Don’t get the water into the ears ( you can cause an ear infections)
  • Don’t wait to long to give your baby a bath

With all don’ts I have one more for you and it’s really important don’t forget to bond with your little one during bath time.

Tips And Tricks About Bath Time

There are some tips and tricks on how to make your first bath time your favorite time.

  • Wash your baby before bedtime, all children tend to fall asleep faster after a bath.
  • Keep the feeding after the bath time( or at least 30 minutes before)
  • Placing a warm cloth on baby’s stomach, will help you keep the baby warm
  • Have extra hands with you
  • Use safe baby bath products

Baby bath tim

How My First Bath Time Went

For Angels first bath I had my mom and my sister-in-law help me. The bath time started from me getting the perfect temperature in to baby bath tub.

Once the water was in, my sister-in-law undressed Angel. I was holding him in a cotton clothe, so he couldn’t get scared from the water, and wouldn’t get sick.

While my mom and sister-in-law took out each leg and arm separately to wash from under the cloth, I held him in place. This method keeps the baby warm and doesn’t let the baby get a panic attack.

After his wash time he was dried off really good in between all his baby fat rolls. Once he was dried I got him dressed swaddled into a warm blanket and fed. The first time I ever washed Angel on my own without help was. When he turned 5 months old, even than I was really freaking out.

Happy And Safe Bath Time

Now you know everything you will need for your baby’s first bath time, and don’t you worry if your scared. We were all their and we did it and so can you.

I believe in you, let me know how your bath time went all be really happy to hear about it. Feel free to ask me any questions about babies first bath time. Leave all your questions and stories in the comments and I will answer to all of them.

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  1. This is a fantastic article! Although I do not have children, I sometimes babysit my baby cousins, and I usually give them a bath. You did an excellent job of breaking every aspect of the process down, gently warning your readers not to bathe their babies too soon after birth/umbilical cord is in the process of healing, as well as the best techniques for bathing the baby. I appreciate your thoroughness! God bless you!

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