Baby First Aid Kit – What do you need at home

Baby born

You might think that you have a lot of time until your little one will make it’s first scratch, but time flies fast and before you know it their on the feet running.

Why You Need A Baby Aid Kit

You might think that Infants and Toddlers Aid kit is not important, but in real life it’s better to have one than to be sorry later. Even a small scratch will matter, your baby could just hit his forehead you might think it’s nothing, but with in minutes a bruise will be formed.

Their skin and bones are more fragile than ours. If you leave a small cut without care, it could get infected and turn into hospitalization. Never take any of their injuries for granted.

It could be as simple as your baby having a mild fever, and you call your pediatric to ask what to do. Your pediatric tells you to give your baby Tylenol with certain instructions. Here it is that simple, but you do’t have any at home. What are you going to do? Drive to a store with a sick and cranky baby?


What Goes Into A Baby Aid Kit

Your babies health is always the number one priority, I want to tell you everything that you would need in your first aid kit.

  • Infants tooth brush ( Silicone brush that you put on your finger)

Its best to start brushing your babies teeth as soon as they start drooling. It will not only help with itchy gums, but also keep the oral hygiene.

  • Nail Clipper/Blunt Scissors

Baby nails grow really fast, you won’t even notice how you will need to cut them twice a week. You need to make sure babies nails are trimmed, if not they can easily scratch themselves or you.

  • Bandages, Hydrogen Peroxide, Antibacterial Spray, Alcohol Wipes

Your baby is small for a little bit, soon he/she will be crawling and walking. Scratches and cuts are going to be there it’s better to have everything you will need in time. Alcohol Wipes can also be used to clean your scissors.

  • Baby brush

You would need a baby brush, to wash your babies head gently in the bath.

  • Thermometer

Their is a lot of different thermometers, pick the one that works best for you. It’s best to have a thermometer that you can insert rectal to an infant for a better temperature reading.

  • Nasal Aspirator ( usually given in the hospitals)

Infants nose should be cleaned daily, to make sure they are getting enough air into their tinny lungs.

  • Petroleum jelly/ sterile gauze ( if your baby was circumcised)

Petroleum jell is also good to use if you need to take the temperature rectal, or if your baby gets a scratch it’s best to have something to cover it up with.

  • Infant Pain and Fever Relief ( Tylenol 2+ months)

It’s good to have pain and fever relief even if your baby won’t get sick, once teething starts a lot of babies develop fevers.

  • Gas and Colic Drops

Your baby can develop gasses with in the first few weeks of life, it’s best to be able to help your baby right away.

  • Teething drops

Once your baby will start teething, teething drops will be your savor. For most babies teething is a painful experience.

Infant in a hospital

What Injuries Can You Deal With

There are some injuries that you can clean up by your self, will other you should rush to emergency.

What you can do by yourself

  • Splinters
  • Minor cuts – that don’t involve a lot of blood, if their is less blood than when you cut your finger you can do it
  • Scratches
  • Bruises – if you know your baby didn’t get hit or bruised itself get medical help ( if bruises appear on their own, it could be a sign of infection)
  • Fever bellow 101 F

When to get medical help

  • Allergic reaction – Vomiting, having trouble breathing
  • Fever higher than 101 F
  • Bulging Soft Spot
  • Deep Cut
  • Difficult, Labored, Raspy, or rapid breathing ( more than 60 breaths a minute)
  • Infant or Toddler gets a burn
  • Snake or Insect bite

Home Remedies And Tips

Their is some home remedies that I use and a lot of my friends use, that will be great for you to know about.

  • Your baby will be getting bruises a lot, the best home remedy I know of is getting butter and rubbing it rights on the spot of the bruise. The best time is right after the hit or as soon as the redness is visible.
  • If your toddler has a small burn putting baking soda on top, will help soothe the burn, it’s best to see a doctor for any types of burns.
  • Cut your babies nails while they sleep, will help you learn the technique and your baby won’t be moving as much. It’s going to help you not cut your baby on accident.
  • You can’t cut your babies nails while they sleep, it’s okay have someone distract the baby with a toy.
  • Babies tend to prefer the rectal temperature taken more.
  • Keep everything away from the edge of the table and counter tops at all time

When I Used My first Baby Aid Kit

Angel in the hospitalWhen Angel turned 4 months, I had my first ER visit.

I was working and he was with my mom. I got a call from her saying his fever is a bit high. Under 100 F.

Usually in Infants that’s not considered a fever, but my mom is old fashion and that’s a fever for her.



When I got Angel home his fever didn’t rise and stayed the same for couple hours, I called his pediatric to make sure. I got told if the fever reaches 101 F just give 2.5 doze of Tylenol.

During the night the temperature started rising above 101 F I gave Angel Tylenol, it dropped and we went to sleep in peace.

In the morning Angel didn’t wake me up as usually and I got worried, when I took his temperature he was 102.5 F. I was rushed to ER by my sister-in-law.

When we got to the ER Angels temperature was remeasured to 103.5 F, at that moment doctors mentioned that we were a Critical Patient.

After all his test were done we found that he was severely dehydrated! Angel had 2 new born IVs and one adult sized.

Angels eating pattern return to normal the second day after hospitalization.

We spent 3 days in the hospital.

Don’t Be Sorry

You have to be a mama bear for your little one, just give him enough space to explore the world with you behind him. Your babies health and development are both important. You need to find the golden middle.

Tell me your stories and what happened in your life that changed your perspectives? Do you keep a first aid kit for your baby?

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