Baby Crawling – Ways to help your baby start crawling

Baby Crawling

How precision is it when we see our little ones learn to crawl and walk. When they say their first words.

For us parents it’s the best thing that could happen, to see those precious moments.

Every day our babies learn a new thing and accomplish a lot in their development, we need to learn to help them true everything.

Crawling Stages

There are couple stages of crawling, that babies develop during the infant age. Did you ever wonder when do babies actually start crawling? Is it before they sit or after?

  1. Baby learns to turn around, making a 365 round circle.
  2. Baby learns to push forward either using just legs or just arms
  3. Baby learns to stand on all fours and rock back and forth
  4. Baby learns to crawl by launching forward
  5. Baby learns to crawl on all fours

Our little ones make big progress with in 4-8 weeks. Usually the beginning age for crawling is around 6 – 10 months. Some babies start crawling earlier or later than others. When did your baby start crawling? Let me know in the comments

Crawling Ways

Not only is their stages of crawling, but their is also different ways that your baby could end up crawling.

  • Classic crawling – One arm with the opposite leg
  • Commando crawling – Scooting up just using the arms while laying on the tummy
  • Crab crawl – Propelling forward with one knee bent and the other extended
  • Scoot crawling – dragging the legs on the floor
  • Back word crawling – it’s not unhealthy, it’s common among babies

Usually babies starts to show signs of crawling long before they can hold their body upright in the sitting position.

Every baby develops in it’s own speed, so don’t rush it to start crawling. Just because your friends baby was crawling at six months. Doesn’t always mean your baby will do the same.

They take as long as their body need, for every stage.  Never feel awkward  asking your babies pediatric, about any developing issues you might think that you see.

Baby Crawling

Ways To Help Your Baby Start Crawling

Your baby will gladly take your help, when learning how to crawl. Don’t be afraid to help your baby, some pediatrics say that babies that were helped in crawling. Where able to  started crawling earlier, than the babies that had to learn on their own. You can also read why crawling is important in babies development.

  • Tummy time has the most impact on your babies crawling, they learn to hold their heads and  make their arms stronger.
  • Help them play with elevated hands, this will help them also develop stronger arm and torso muscles
  • Lift your baby slightly off the floor, help them get on their knees and show them how to crawl
  • Let your baby play in front of a mirror, they will elevate their hands and hold their torso on one hand
  • Encourage your little one to crawl by providing toys a little further from them
  • Help your baby crawl by moving their arms and legs for them, which they will start doing on their own really fast
  • If your baby already rocks back and forth help by pushing your babies legs forward, be their wall from which they can push off

These are just some ways you can help your baby crawl, once your baby becomes mobile you might want to baby proof your house, if you have stairs close them off, you got drawers the baby can open?

They will enjoy going true your cabinets, but they can eat something bad or even worse get chemicals into their mouths.

Classic Crawling

Angels Crawling

Angel started his crawling steps at around 5 months he would roller over to where ever he wanted to go, he would also make circles with his arms directing him to where ever he wanted to roll.

Tummy time was everything for him, but once I notice that his hands would get tiered.  He would flip to his back rest and go back to tummy time.

Approximately two weeks later he started getting on all his fours and rocking back and forth. Around  6 months he was crawling. Your baby knows what it’s doing, just a little help from you it’s all the need.

If you have any questions feel free to ask them, all be happy to answer them for you.

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  1. Hi Nataliya,

    I found this post at the perfect time. We’re expecting our first child any day now and I’m trying to learn all that I can. I know that the crawling stage is still a bit in the future, but I know that it’ll come quick like anything else. I feel like I learned a lot from this so thanks for the informative post!!

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